Shelley Paulson

Photographer, Videographer, Horse Lover

Shelley can’t remember a time when she didn’t love horses. As a child, she was that horse-crazy girl who spent long summers at the barn, soaring through open fields on horseback like she was riding the sky. 

Now she's all grown up with a farm of her own and two horses to enjoy every day.

Shelley has spent over 10 years capturing the beauty of horses, along with the unforgettable bond we share with them, through the medium of photography. More recently, she discovered the power of video for storytelling. From her very first short film about Megan and her horse named Lucifer, she was hooked! 

Courtney Weinreis

Production Assistant, Horse Lover

Growing up on a family farm sparked Courtney's love for animals and her passion for photography. She is the "best assistant ever" with mad skills for getting horses to put their ears forward and for wrestling with lighting equipment. 

Aside from being a photographer and amazing assistant, Courtney is a bunny-mom, horse whisperer, duck enthusiast, and pumpkin patch owner.