Mary Hamilton - Riders Elite Academy, Inc.

I met Mary Hamilton last spring when I signed up for one of her Horse and Rider Confidence Clinics. My new horse Fritzie is a bit of a handful, so I thought it would be a good place to start figuring her out. I ended up having such a good time and clicking so well with Mary, I took lessons from her for the rest of the season. My relationship with Fritzie was transformed!

Around the same time, Mary was in need of photos for her web site, and for Riding Instructor Magazine. They were doing a feature on Mary and needed a quality cover photo. 

To learn more about Mary, visit

Here is a sampling of the rest of the images I created for Mary.

Buffalo Equine - Veterinarian Photography and Video

Buffalo Equine is located right in my own hometown! 

Last summer, they were building a new web site and had two specific needs: photography and video. Right up our alley!

They needed quality photography of their staff, facilities, and their veterinarians treating and evaluating horses. In addition, they wanted a video to play on the opening page of their web site that would draw people in to want to learn more. 

Here is the full video I created for their home page. You can see it in context at

Nutrena - Equine Library Building Photography

With social media being such a great marketing tool, companies also face the challenge of having fresh content to post on a regular basis. 

Horse Feed Producer Nutrena hired me for a series of photo shoots last summer. The goal was to capture a wide variety of equine images on a myriad of topics. Knowing they were going to combine images with text, I was conscious to include plenty of negative space in many of the photographs. 

In addition to creating and processing the images, I also coordinated locations and models for local shoots. Most of the work took place at local horse barns in Minnesota, and one was in a feed store just outside of Chicago. 

You can see many of the photos in use on the Nutrena Facebook page, and the Instagram Feed. I've included a few samples from Facebook below as well.

I love working with fantastic companies like Nutrena and getting to work with so many beautiful people and horses!

Here is a short video of "Behind the Lens" footage from one of the photo shoots.