Nutrena - Equine Library Building Photography

With social media being such a great marketing tool, companies also face the challenge of having fresh content to post on a regular basis. 

Horse Feed Producer Nutrena hired me for a series of photo shoots last summer. The goal was to capture a wide variety of equine images on a myriad of topics. Knowing they were going to combine images with text, I was conscious to include plenty of negative space in many of the photographs. 

In addition to creating and processing the images, I also coordinated locations and models for local shoots. Most of the work took place at local horse barns in Minnesota, and one was in a feed store just outside of Chicago. 

You can see many of the photos in use on the Nutrena Facebook page, and the Instagram Feed. I've included a few samples from Facebook below as well.

I love working with fantastic companies like Nutrena and getting to work with so many beautiful people and horses!

Here is a short video of "Behind the Lens" footage from one of the photo shoots.